Acoustic Gold

Polyphonic Bridge Pickup for Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Gold pickup with Poly-Drive II Active Electronics
shown on MORGAN steel string guitar serial # 95208
Intonated pickup installation by Gary Brawer of San Francisco CA
Original music : "L.A. to Rio" 1997 by Richard McClish

  • Individual string saddles for minimum crosstalk
  • Individually adjustable height
  • Accomodates any string spacing
  • Factory-matched outputs for even string sound
  • Excellent synth tracking and dynamic response
  • Nicest, warmest pickup sound around
  • Compatible with most preamps
  • Very low feedbak susceptibility
  • Studio quality performance 100dB S/N typical
  • Easy to install - Complete instructions and connection diagrams included with each set
ACOUSTIC GOLD deluxe Sensor Saddles set

The Acoustic Gold for steel or nylon string acoustic guitar is a universal solution to the amplification and recording challenges every serious player must face in times of critical listening. Individual sensor saddles accommodate any string spacing over .400" and factory-matched saddle sets provide the best string-to-string evenness of any bridge pickup. The sound is sweet, clean, powerful and dynamic with minimum string noise, a great playing feel and no electrical hum or buzz, even when playing near neon lights or next to a computer monitor.

You don't have to struggle with the controls forever or buy an expensive PA system to get a decent sound. As the pro users have confirmed, his is the ultimate Plug and Play system, equally performant through an amp or sound reinforcement system. It's like playing unamplified . . . and being heard by the audience at the same time. The separate string signals provide the greatest versatility and reliability of any pickup.

For best performance, the Acoustic Gold pickup is used with a Poly-Drive preamp which produces a perfectly balanced mono sound and also has the unique ability to drive a polyphonic processor, guitar synth or MIDI converter, such as :

ROLAND GR-50, GR-09, GR-1, GI-10 or VG-8
AXON NG-66, NGC 60, NGC 77

For Mono operation without MIDI access, use the Acoustic Gold with a BMT-200, BMT-300 or DIFF micro II preamp, depending on the features you prefer.

Installation instructions are easy to follow and individual string height adjustment is easily performed by shimming the saddles. The saddles fit into a standard 1/8" bridge slot.